Quality Control and Testing Facility.

The bulk bag has the risk of failure because of loading the bulk products.

Many factories make the bulk bag by experience and just test the thread and cloth strength.

Those factories do not know the safety factor itself under the safety weight Load (SWL) as they do not test the safety factor to check the overall quality.

Some factories add the recycle raw material to make the body fabric and loop.

Also they add more recycle raw material to increase the weight and want to let the customer feel the bulk bag quality is good because of the heavy weight of the bag.

In fact, the recycle raw material makes the quality uncertainty since each lot of recycle raw material quality is unknown and unstable.

We do not know how many times the raw material has been recycled and the foreign matter included. So if we test the loop quality, for example, we cannot guarantee the loop quality is unique or continuous stable because of the added recycle raw material.

The recycle raw material has high potential of high level of heavy metal as well, which is not good for the food grade product.

The weight of the bag including bulk bag and polypropylene woven plastic bag does not represent the quality itself.

We have seen many bulk bags failed because of the weak loop, weak cloth, weak threading etc.

Our factory tests the bulk bag safety factor to make sure the bulk bag quality on the whole achieves the requirement with Australia Standard before volume production to guarantee the quality.

We use new raw material to make the bulk bag and polypropylene woven plastic bag to make sure the stability of the product quality.