The cost of packaging for 1MT products from low to high is Bulk bag (FIBC), Woven polypropylene plastic bag, Polyethylene plastic bag.

WPP can be categorised by lamination as below types.

1. BOPP Bag (Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene): it is made from 3 layers.
The inside layer is woven polypropylene and the outside layer is BOPP Film. The middle layer is lamination.
The BOPP film can be supplied with gloss finish or matt finish.
The BOPP film can be printed with photographic quality print and up to 10 colours
The BOPP bag can be Back Seam BOPP bag and Round body BOPP bag.
Back Seam BOPP bag has better presentation over Round body BOPP bag since there is no extra polyethylene film extruded and the two sides of the gusset is in the same line, which is better for an automation plant.

2. Outside lamination bag.
The printing is printed on the outside lamination then the outside lamination is laminated to the woven polypropylene. There are 2 layers in this type of bag.
Since the ink is printed outside, it can be faded with the rain.
Also this type of bag cannot prevent the find products leaking out.
Outside lamination bag is replaced by BOPP

3. Inside lamination bag
The lamination is inside the bag, which can prevent fine products leaking out compared, for example, the black colour of coal.
The disadvantage is the printing is done on the woven polypropylene layer directly and it cannot achieve photographic quality although the cost is cheaper than BOPP bag.

4. Unlaminated bag

WPP bag can have the below features depending on the requirement.

  1. Gusseted bag or NON-gusseted bag
  2. Clear bag or Clear gusset bag
  3. Polyethylene liner sewn with the top hem and bottom of the bag
  4. Polyethylene liner inserted but not sewn the outside WPP bag
  5. Colour bag or white bag
  6. UV stabilization or not
  7. With Holes or not
  8. With Anti-slip print or not

We can make all different sizes of the WPP bag with different density and monofilament Daniel. We test the warp and weft thread tension to control the quality but rather than just the weight or density of the bag since many factories will put the recycle raw material resin and reduce the quality of the bag since people never know how many times the raw material has been recycled, which makes the product quality uncertainty. We use new raw material to make the product especially it is important for food grade product since recycle raw material can have high heavy metals.