Australia Tradefog Packaging Pty Ltd supplies Bulk Bag and Polypropylene woven plastic bag to Australia customers nationwide.

Our business model is Manufacturer to Customer directly (M2C) merging the manufacturer owner, exporting company owner, importing company owner and Sales together.

Tradefog represents Trade For Our Goal including the below points.

  1. Good quality
  2. Good Price
  3. Good Service including on time delivery

We are aiming to be ONE STOP SHOP for Polypropylene woven plastic bag and bulk bag.


The owner Xueyuan Solomon Ye was graduated in ZHEJIANG Medical University, which merged with ZHEJIANG University in 1998, as a doctor in 1997 in China.

Solomon went to New Zealand by end of 2000 and studied computer science in Waikato University as a programmer.

Solomon set up Tradefog International Limited in 2004 beginning the import of polypropylene woven plastic bag and bulk bag as an importer and local distributor.

The customers ask Solomon to import the products inside the packaging including trace element, animal feed supplement and others.

As a customer demand driving company in New Zealand, Tradefog International Limited import around 500-1000 20ft containers products including packaging per year for the customers.

In 2014, Solomon bought 28 800 square meter lands in China and set up his own polypropylene woven plastic bag and bulk bag factory as he is always thinking about the core business and competitive business model to help the customer and grow together.

In 2015, Solomon set up the Australia Tradefog Packaging Pty Ltd based in Sydney.

We are the packaging solution provider. We do not just make the packaging as the same as your sample but we can design the packaging to suit your requirement.

Customer is paramount for Solomon and Solomon is in charge of the factory.

Now you as a customer or a potential customer, in fact, control the factory directly and control the quality & delivery.